man with storm damage using cell phone

Hurricane Florence: What to watch out for during recovery

Hurricanes threaten lives and cause widespread property loss, flooding and damage to infrastructure. While theres little we can control about the actual storm, we can be prepared and vigilant during the recovery phase to ensure greater stability in the rebuilding process.Hurricane Florence has come and gone, but its aftermath has left many to face their worst fears — losing their most precious and memorable belongings. These steps — while they wont help bring back what has been lost — will... read more
mouse chewing on electricial

Rats! How these rodents can ruin your day

Say youve just gotten home after a long day. All you want to do is put your feet up, but you notice what looks like rodent droppings on the floor, find evidence of something having nibbled at the food in your kitchen and … what is that scrabbling sound coming from inside your walls? You may feel like...
Penske box truck

13 moving hacks that could save time, money and sustainability

Changing households can be a time for new beginnings, fresh perspectives and boundless opportunities.But those good things tend to come after the moving process itself, which can take a lot of planning, organizing and old-fashioned elbow grease. And many people start the process unprepared.Fortunately, the experts at Penske Truck Rental have some great advice for orchestrating a move...
young couple applying for a home loan

Take a second look at your homebuying options

Buying a home is an exciting process, but for many people it can also seem out of reach. While many renters would like to buy, there are several factors that may lead potential homebuyers to believe they may not be ready. These include credit score requirements, income and debt levels, and the common myth that a 20 percent...
Hand feeling real grass

Back to basics: The importance of real grass

Well-maintained outdoor spaces increase curb appeal and can bolster property values. They inspire kids imaginations and support healthy play. They make a homegrown neighborhood hangout, ideal for spending time together.Whether youre a first-time homeowner or looking for ways to improve your lawn maintenance skills, RISE (Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment) is sharing the benefits of real grass,...
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