chairs around the firepit

5 yard updates you can complete in a fall weekend

If you love spending time in your yard, the end of summer can mark a period of sadness thinking about the colder temperatures and shorter days you must endure before getting back outside.One sure cure for the blues is looking forward to something fun. Get a head start on spring and use the time now to complete a project that will enhance your yard. Whether youve been wanting a patio, a zen garden or just some new flower beds, fall... read more
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4 cold weather problems that home winterization can prevent

When you start feeling those first hints of winter, the instinct to get ready kicks in. You may dig out your cars snow brush, blanket, shovel and winter survival kit and place them in the trunk of your car. The winter coats and boots come out of storage, and you may pick up some extra mittens at the...
freinds having a bbq in the backyard

5 tips to help keep pests from attending your backyard party

When youre making memories surrounded by friends and family by the grill, the last thing you want to be doing is swatting and shooing away pests. With a few tips from Terminix, you can help keep your backyard the perfect place for all your celebrations.Reduce standing waterStanding water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. In just one bottle...
sprinkler watering the yard and garden

6 sure-fire tips that save time and labor on yard work and gardening

Its summertime, and youll want to spend many sun-drenched hours in the great outdoors. But while Mother Nature is flourishing, it feels like youre wasting too many precious summer afternoons and evenings doing chores in the yard and garden.Give some of these labor-saving tips a try so you have more time for your favorite summer activities.1. Get organizedNothing...
flooded streets from storm

How homeowners can prepare for summer storm season

Its that time of year again when unwanted weather patterns like severe thunderstorms, rainstorms and tornadoes can wreak havoc on homes and businesses.While certain areas of the country are more apt to face tornadoes, virtually everyone is at risk for heavy rain, winds and hail, which can cause flooding, power outages and structural damage. Whether youre in the...
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