flooded house and street

If it can rain, it can flood: Why flood insurance is a wise bet for homeowners

The federal government considers floods the nation's most common natural disaster. They strike every state and leave homeowners with huge repair costs. Why? Because typical homeowners insurance doesn't cover flood damage.Those policies may provide protection for water damage when it comes through a hole in the roof or from wind-driven rain. But coverage doesn't extend to damage caused by water from a storm-swollen river, torrential rainfall or other flood-inducing conditions.Homeowners are required to purchase flood insurance if they have a... read more
termites on a wood board

Silent destroyers: Tips to spot termites and prevent infestation

There are many reasons that termites have gained the nickname "silent destroyers." Five billion reasons, in fact.Termites cause more than $5 billion in property damage in the U.S. each year. If left unchecked, they can silently chew through the structural stability of a home, eating away at wood, flooring and even wallpaper. To make matters worse, the damage...
Apple cinnamon breakfast quinoa

Save time in your morning with these kitchen hacks

It happens: You hit the snooze button once, twice, then three times, so when youre finally showered, dressed and ready to tackle the day, youre already behind schedule. Oftentimes that causes you to skip breakfast completely.Turns out, your breakfast habit is one time-saving step that should not be skipped. First off, eating a nutritious, high-protein, balanced breakfast every...
little girl in rain boots jumping in puddle holding rainbow umbrella

5 tips to feel better immediately during spring allergy season

From flowers poking through the ground to ditching heavy winter parkas, its easy to look forward to spring. Unless, of course, you have allergies. Then, the path to warmer weather and additional daylight could be marked with watery eyes, sneezing and a runny nose. Makes it hard to be excited, right?It doesnt have to.While spring carries its own...
woman using home clothes styler in laundry room

5 'smart' ways to tackle your spring cleaning

Pull back the drapes, crack open the window and let in the warm, sun-soaked air. Thats right, spring is right around the corner and that means itll soon be time to chase away the grime and odors that have settled in over the long winter.For many, spring cleaning is something of a tradition, a ritual. But things have...
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