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How to keep pests out of your chimney

As temperatures drop, many people will start spending more time in the warmth of their homes. Animals dont have the luxury of extra heating and take whatever refuge they can find, making chimneys a convenient place for pests to seek shelter. The team at Terminix has some helpful information to share so that homeowners can be better prepared to address critters that find their way into chimneys.What kinds of pests can end up in your chimney? If you hear rustling... read more
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How to create the perfect, four-season outdoor living space

Creating an outdoor living space will give you an extra "room" to enjoy in all types of weather, even as the temperatures drop. You can start small with an inexpensive patio set and charcoal grill on a new deck, go all out with a fully installed kitchen, fireplace and living room, or something in between. It depends on...

Backyard birding: Prep now to attract birds this winter

Ready or not, bad weather is on its way. Before the snow starts falling, take some time to transform your backyard into a safe refuge for winter-weary birds before unpredictable, harsh weather begins. The experts at Coles Wild Bird Products suggest timely tips to encourage birds to seek sustenance and shelter in your backyard this winter.Start by taking...
little girl playing with dog in Fall leaves

Fall with our four-legged friends

The dog days of summer are over and your furry family member is up and ready to play! Its the time of year when even pets can get excited about the season and all the autumn outdoor activities families may enjoy. Its also a time of year that can come with some hazards and vulnerabilities for our four-legged...
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A guide to getting your home and yard winter-ready

As the winter months approach, theres much to anticipate: hot drinks, football games and getting cozy on those long, chilly nights. While homeowners can enjoy the comfort of the indoors, its still important to ensure their property is well prepared — inside and out — for chillier temperatures, ice or snow during the fall and winter seasons.Use this...
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