woman shopping at a home depot for tools

Holiday shopping tips to save money and reduce stress

Lines, crowds and stress — if that describes your holiday shopping experience, you’re doing it all wrong. The cost of gifts and decorations can add up quickly, but there are plenty of ways to reduce the dent in your wallet.Here are six money- and time-saving tips from The Home Depot to minimize your shopping stress and get the most out of holiday sales:Make a gift listFrom your nearest and dearest to coworkers and teachers, write down everyone you need to... read more
baby and dog looking out window in winter

Winter allergies: The allergies you didn't know you could have

When temperatures get below freezing, people with seasonal allergies to grass, tree and weed pollens get well-deserved relief from their symptoms. But if you're still sneezing and blowing your nose when winter descends, you might have indoor allergies.The problem for many allergy sufferers is figuring out what, exactly, is causing their symptoms. Why? Most allergy sufferers develop similar...
wood flooring and metal room accents

Tips for using metals in home decor

While trends in home decor often change, there is one constant design feature that continues to shine, literally: metals.Today, homeowners can find creative ways to incorporate a regal touch that produces a timeless look with modern appeal.Take the TemperatureA first step in implementing metallic decor is understanding the temperature of the metals. Think of brass, copper and gold...
family and friends celebrating the holidays

For a no-worries Noel, follow the 12 safety tips of Christmas

The fun, festive activities during the holiday season make it a favorite time of year for many people. At the risk of sounding like a Grinch, though, all that festivity can lead to unintentional safety hazards. For example, some 30 percent of all home fires and 38 percent of home fire deaths occur over December, January and February, reports...
woman making a bed in a hotel room

4 unexpected bed bug hotspots

The term “bed bugs” might make you shudder and picture a mattress teeming with the bloodsucking insects, but don’t be fooled; the name is a bit of a misnomer. While almost 70 percent of bed bug infestations are associated with beds or items found near beds, the insects don’t limit themselves to those spaces. Bed bugs are experts...
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