woman working with a child at a table

Parenting advice for strong relationships and a healthy house

Managing work-life balance as a parent comes with challenges, and with busy schedules for both parents and children, disruptions at the last minute can really take a toll on a family's everyday routine. This is especially true when a child has to take a sick day from school due to illness during cold and flu season. It's important to know you're not alone, and with a little focus and positive reinforcement, you can help your kids be happy and healthy.La... read more
Therapeutic air massage bathtub

Which bathtub style is right for you?

Wondering if you should have a bathtub in your bathroom? Despite trend reports that say some homeowners are removing bathtubs, House Beautiful recently reported that there are good reasons to have a bathtub in your home. They make sense for families since children rarely take a shower. For everyone else, few things are better for self-care than a...
BBRadius Wedge Silver Blue Matte tile with flower arrangement in front of it

5 ways to create an inviting room using tile

Todays tile trends extend so far beyond their traditional use as a staple of bathroom design that you may not recognize them. While once the most attractive and innovative tiles had to be imported, contemporary handcrafted tile and stone products for home design are now being made right here in the United States.Homeowners and interior designers alike are...
chef cooking beed in a bag on a stove

Calling all foodies: 4 trends shaping home cooking in 2019

Todays chefs and home cooks alike are seeking more meaningful food experiences, with smart, intuitive technology thats high-performing and saves time. This year, leading brands are changing the way culinary enthusiasts source and prepare their food, emphasizing a heightened level of respect for all ingredients throughout the process. The result? Delicious food and healthier lifestyles. Here are four...
family in a living room with a sprinkler over their heads

Building a new home? Protect it against today's faster, scarier fires

If your new home is among the one million or so being built in the U.S. this year, congratulations! Youll have the chance to customize it to your dream home preferences.One feature that should be at the top of your priority list is the best possible fire protection for yourself and your loved ones: home fire sprinklers. While...
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