woman working with a child at a table

Parenting advice for strong relationships and a healthy house

Managing work-life balance as a parent comes with challenges, and with busy schedules for both parents and children, disruptions at the last minute can really take a toll on a family's everyday routine. This is especially true when a child has to take a sick day from school due to illness during cold and flu season. It's important to know you're not alone, and with a little focus and positive reinforcement, you can help your kids be happy and healthy.La... read more
woman with smart phone opening garage door

Connectivity is king this home-buying season

The spring home-buying season is just around the corner and that means people are busy making improvements to get their homes ready to sell. These days, home upgrades are increasingly focused on one key feature: connectivity. In 2019, buyers want smart homes they can easily control from anywhere. From smart HVAC and sprinkler systems to connected garage door...
A pensive woman wearing glasses and sitting at her kitchen table with a tablet is enjoying cup of coffee.

Are your home and your wallet prepared for the inevitable?

Nobody bats an eyelash when it comes to buying homeowner's insurance, but many homeowners dont apply that same logic to planning for home repairs — not what might happen, but what will happen.Only a fraction of the 120 million U.S. households today are protected by a home services plan, also known as a home warranty.That number is growing,...
Therapeutic air massage bathtub

Which bathtub style is right for you?

Wondering if you should have a bathtub in your bathroom? Despite trend reports that say some homeowners are removing bathtubs, House Beautiful recently reported that there are good reasons to have a bathtub in your home. They make sense for families since children rarely take a shower. For everyone else, few things are better for self-care than a...
newly weds packing up dishes in a kitchen

When saying 'I do' means a move: 5 tips for combining households

Getting married means a whole lot of changes, not the least of which could be moving to a new house or apartment. Whether youre getting a brand-new place for the both of you or one of you is shifting all your earthly possessions to join your spouse, its a good idea to take proactive steps to make crossing...
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