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Air conditioning on the fritz? What to do next

Does your home feel uncomfortably warm, even when your AC is running full blast? You may think you can wait until next season to fix this, but with hot and sticky temperatures still lingering, now is the perfect time to upgrade your air conditioning system. Replacing old ineffective heating and cooling systems can save you money. In addition to impacting your family’s daily comfort, the decision you make about your HVAC system can have a greater impact on your energy bills... read more

7 smart steps to improve indoor air quality at home

Think about how much time you and your family spend inside versus outside. From your home to the car to work and to school, it’s not uncommon that the majority of your day is spent indoors. This modern phenomenon means increased exposure to indoor air pollution. Fortunately, with a few smart, proactive steps, you can help protect yourself...

Storing patio furniture

The pool isn't the only part of your outdoor oasis that needs to prepare for the changing weather. As the temperatures drop and the snow comes falling down, the whole pool area needs to be prepared so each new season is as good as the last. The patio furniture by the pool needs to be winterized as well as...
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