Huge lake home with retaining wall, step risers, seat wall, plantings and gazebo.

The building blocks to a more beautiful outdoor-living space

Segmental retaining wall units are one of the most versatile landscaping tools in the homeowners and professional landscapers toolbox. Retaining wall units have evolved from just retaining soil, transitioning slopes and preventing erosion. Todays SRWs can do all that plus serve as multipurpose building blocks for outdoor-living features, including stairs, columns, freestanding walls, tiered walls, curved walls, seating and more.Creative designs While these walls still accomplish their original intent, professionals and homeowners can easily create hardscape features that make outdoor-living... read more
close up of skylight in the ceiling of a bathroom

7 smart steps to improve indoor air quality at home

Think about how much time you and your family spend inside versus outside. From your home to the car to work and to school, its not uncommon that the majority of your day is spent indoors. This modern phenomenon means increased exposure to indoor air pollution. Fortunately, with a few smart, proactive steps, you can help protect yourself...
window AC blowing cool air into the living room

5 best strategies to beat the heat and save energy this summer

When the temperatures start going up, so do your energy bills. If youre looking for ways to save energy and keep your house cooler at the same time, there are a number of strategies you can use that will save you money and make you and your family more comfortable all summer long.1. Get smart about air conditioningCool...
man riding a bike in to a flooded neighborhood

Get ahead of the storm: Check your coverage before hurricane season

Hurricanes provide little advance notice of their arrival, and as landfall approaches, insurance companies may temporarily suspend new coverage and coverage changes.That means it's usually a good idea to review your insurance coverage yearly to make sure it matches your needs.An insurance representative can review your policy, explain limits and deductibles, and help you identify coverage gaps. "You...
Ardhadeck Ballantyne pressure treated wood deck with pergola 1280

Easy DIY projects to enhance your yard and garden

Itching for summer to arrive, when you can get out and enjoy your yard? Why not plan a DIY project to improve your outdoor space, while encouraging everyone in the family to get outside and have fun together?Here are some projects to consider, and the prep work involved.Check your deckDoes your existing deck need repair? Check for loose...
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