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3 ideas to freshen up your favorite summer treats

Summertime brings lots of picnics, barbecues and pool parties, along with tasty treats everyone loves to share. Want to make yummy desserts your friends will rave about, but with your own unique twist?Add exotic new fruit.Whether youre making a fruit salad, a pie or another tasty fruit-forward delight, consider making a colorful statement with exotic fruits. Why settle for the usual grapes, oranges or bananas? Theres a world of amazing fruit out there!Adventurous fruits to try: the bright pink dragon... read more
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Entertain effortlessly with global flavors

When the warm weather finally arrives, its easy to get excited about leisurely days spent in the company of friends and family, enjoying delicious, fresh, seasonal foods. At the top of the list are crisp, juicy and delicious California grapes, which are always a favorite snack. For the home cook, grapes are also a versatile ingredient for summertime...
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Home flipping experts reveal the story of their first renovation

Like a first kiss, first car or first day of school, entrepreneurs and home renovation experts Ashley and Andy Williams will never forget completing their first home renovation project.That day began as all our days do — with organized chaos, Ashley said. We got our two kids ready for school amid a mad dash of ensuring book bags...
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7 easy travel snack ideas for diabetics

Do you have diabetes and stress about finding healthy and convenient snack options while youre traveling?See below for smart snacking tips and healthy recipes for diabetics.Choose healthy and satisfying snacks between meals. Snacking done right can keep your blood sugar levels as close to normal as possible and can help prevent low blood sugar.Try almonds. Almonds fall low...
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Tips for eating healthier this summer

Summer is possibly the easiest time to stick to a healthier lifestyle. Its warm outside so were more likely to be active, plus theres plenty of good, fresh produce available. With the recent focus on organic ingredients and the farm-to-table approach, home cooks and anyone interested in a healthier lifestyle are looking for ways to boost their health...
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