chic lattice used under a deck

Top trends to inspire your outdoor living

Outdoor living spaces rank first among special function rooms desired by consumers, according to the American Institute for Architects, and so homeowners are expected to be going all-in for the outdoors in 2018.Trex Company, a maker of premium decking and railing, has gleaned insights from contractors, homeowners and industry experts to compile the following outdoor living trends that will dominate this year:Year-round enjoyment Among the biggest trends is a shift away from seasonality as consumers adopt more of a year-round... read more
mail box set in stone

Deliver curb appeal with a DIY block mailbox

Weve all heard the old adage, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Well, that statement holds true when youre talking about a home. Whether its the landscaping, the siding, the front door, the windows, the paint, the driveway or the outdoor furniture, the initial reaction to the exterior appearance of a home is permanent....
a pine tree and the roof of a house. A point of entry for pests

Spring without the wings: 5 tips to avoid a seasonal pest problem

Daydreaming of spring is something everyone does during the coldest days of winter — even pests. The promise of warmer weather on the horizon is also a boon for the numerous species of pests that inhabit your area, and when the temperature perks up, many of those pests come out of hiding and start looking towards your home...
truck driving down the road on a snowy day

Improving visibility on the road this winter

As winter progresses, we are likely to see more visibility-reducing weather. Heavy rain, frost, ice and snow can all impair visibility while driving, including reducing the performance of windshield wipers.Reduced visibility can quickly turn your drive into a stressful situation, especially when you have your precious cargo in the backseat. The notoriously unpredictable weather during the colder months...
On The Go Potatoes overhead food shot

Start the year strong with this high-performance vegetable

Chasing a place on the podium isnt possible without the proper fuel for your body. Whether youre going for the gold or just passing the pigskin in honor of the big game, athletes and amateurs alike need the right combination of nutrients to take on their training, and sports nutritionists across the nation are recommending one vegetable in...
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