sliding doors in a house leading to sitting room

Barn doors go indoors: An ideal winter project

Known for their versatility, barn doors have been popping up in homes across the country — in contemporary and rustic designs. Read on to discover why adding a barn door is an ideal winter home-improvement project.Transitions in open floor plansAs homeowners seek more open floor plans, interior doors are evolving. Barn doors meet homeowners desire for fluid room flows by seamlessly connecting adjacent rooms, allowing the flexibility to close spaces off or join them.The rolling feature of barn doors creates... read more
Edwards cream pie

Seize the holidays with 4 festive twists on decadent desserts

Its no secret that the holidays are a time for indulgence. Nearly four out of five Americans (79 percent) say dessert is one of their favorite parts of holiday dinners and celebrations, and 94 percent like pie, according to an Edwards(R) desserts survey conducted online by Harris Poll among more than 2,000 U.S. adults."Food is an integral...
Millennial couple laying on blanket outdoors on grass smiling in fall

Top 5 features millennials look for in a home

For generations, homeownership has been part of the American dream. For most Americans, its the largest, most significant investment theyll make, and because homeownership is the best way to grow their wealth, the most important investment as well.As the youngest generation of new homeowners, millennials are entering the housing market and are eager to get a home to...
family having holiday meal together

Stress-busting speed-cleaning tips for the holidays

Its no secret the holiday season can be one of the busiest and most stressful times of the year. What is one of the biggest sources of stress? Its cleaning on a deadline, especially while guests are on their way.But with the right plan in place, even last-minute pre-entertainment cleaning can be efficient and stress-free, says Debra Johnson,...
couple watching big screen tv in living area

5 tips for scoring the best Black Friday electronics

If youre already looking forward to scouting out the best Black Friday deals, youre clearly far from alone. Each year, many Americans look forward to the thrill of the hunt when it comes to securing the best bargains retailers can offer.Thats especially true when it comes to the newest, most enticing consumer electronics. This year 68 percent of...
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