Large screen tv playing foot ball game in modern living room

5 tips for upping your game watching party

Youre looking forward to the big game, and youve invited all your friends for what should be an exciting day. But now the big questions persist: Do you have enough food? Is my menu going to make everyone happy? What more do you need for a successful game day party? Here are a few simple tips to up your game and make it a day to remember ... win or lose.1. Make space for a big crowdTake a good look... read more
concrete liamp

Concrete ways to furnish a home

From driveways and sidewalks to porches and steps, concrete is the cornerstone of a homes curb appeal. The same is true in the backyard where patios, fire pits and other concrete features define the value of any outdoor living space. However, in recent years concrete has migrated indoors where homeowners are enjoying the functional beauty of cool, whimsical...
Family putting a puzzle together in the living room

More than a hobby: The relaxing, fun, healthy history of puzzles

Just try to walk by an unfinished jigsaw puzzle without stopping. Its almost impossible. In fact, nearly half of all Americans puzzle for fun, to relax or to relieve stress.Families puzzle together as a tradition. Millennials puzzle to connect with each other and disconnect from a hyper-digital lifestyle, while seniors puzzle for a brain boost. It may feel...
huge oven eith turkey, and 3 side dishes baking at the same time

5 tips to entertain like a boss this winter

Entertaining indoors during the chilly winter months can be a fantastic way to brighten up those long, dark evenings. Inviting a few friends over — or a lot — doesn't have to be a difficult challenge, even for first-time hosts. Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman, co-founders of A Beautiful Mess, offer these tips for easy and stress-less entertaining.1....
woamn standing near a fireplace in a living room

5 simple ways to bring more color to your home

When you look at your home's interiors, do you find yourself craving a refresh? If so, there's no better time than the New Year to update your home with thoughtful design touches that embrace the power of color.Color is a key component of interior design and a useful tool for updating any space. What's more, colors can convey...
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