5 things you’re doing wrong while staining your deck

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Whether you are ready or not, summer is almost over. And if you haven’t had a chance yet this season to make your deck look new again, then it’s time to get started. Make sure you’re not making these common mistakes.

1. Using an unconditioned brush

conditioning a paint brush

Work a pea-sized amount of hair conditioner into your brush or roller cover before you start staining. This makes the brush a cinch to clean because it helps keep the stain from drying on to the brush.


2. Forgetting to prime the roller

priming a paint roller

Priming your roller can make your deck staining process quicker, give you smoother strokes and cut down cleaning time. To prime, roll the roller in a pan about 20 times before applying to the deck.


3. Over dipping your brush

dipping paint brush in can of stain with a drip guard

Dip the brush only halfway into the stain so the brush will be easier to clean.


4. Leaving your roller to dry

paint roller wrapped in plastic wrap

When taking a break, cover the roller with plastic wrap to prevent the stain from drying on the roller. This way, you can unwrap the roller when you’re ready to get started again and quickly pick up where you left off.


5. Splattering and dripping stain

lifting paint brush out of a can of stain

Stretching a thick rubber band over the center of the open can helps prevent the stain from dripping when transferring the brush to the staining surface.

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