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5 design show trends to inspire your 2019 renovation

When it's time to remodel and renovate your home, you're no doubt on the lookout for the freshest takes in design and color choices, so you can ensure your renovation is a lasting investment.To go about your home refresh in a thoughtful way, it can help to turn to the top experts in the industry for their ideas and insight. With more than 145 years of leadership in the kitchen and bath space, Kohler Co. has worked side by side... read more
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Real-estate ready: 8 tips for boosting your home's value

When selling a home, you want the best possible offer from homebuyers. To capture attention and boost bids, consider these eight tips.1. Invest in the bath and kitchen to impressBuyers focus on kitchens and bathrooms, making these rooms worth the investment. A midrange bathroom remodel recoups 70 percent of the cost at resale, according to the 2018 Remodeling...
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3D printing is reimagining the way you see your bathroom

When additive manufacturing technology — better known as 3D printing — was first invented more than 30 years ago it was intended to make the product design and manufacturing process more efficient. At that time, 3D printing was used primarily as a way to create prototypes to validate and perfect product design, but the inventor, Chuck Hull, had...
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Simple steps to a clean bathroom - no elbow grease required

With cold and flu season just around the corner you might think there isn't much you can do to prepare for the inevitable aches and achoos. A few small changes in your routine and at home can go a long way toward keeping you and your family healthy all season long.Tidy toilet bowlsThe toilet can be a breeding...
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Integrate accessories for added luxury

Accessories bring a sense of purpose into a space and, with thoughtful selection, can transform a room into an elevated experience. When used creatively and in unexpected ways, they add the perfect finishing touch to a space and can transform the overall aesthetic and design. From hardware to purposefully placed décor, integrate accessories artfully and functionally to achieve...
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